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SIA Training – An Alternative Perspective Writing as part of the Security Industry it’s easy to have a positive attitude towards the benefits of what paybacks there are of working in this ever-growing and rewarding business sector, but we decided to draw on some recommendations from outsiders to find out what their views of our industry are. We were surprised with the results and here’s one view we’re sure you’ll find interesting and positive; equally as constructive as our views might be as insiders.

‘My son Mark’s a bright boy, sorry Mark man, if you’re reading this. He did well at school and left to go to college to do more O Levels. He supported himself mostly with dead-end jobs he hated, but we guessed that was good grounding in which direction not to go with his life. Like most kids he’d always been a whizz on computers and loves figuring things out for himself. We were confident he was on the right track.

After a lot of hard work he left college armed with a string of qualifications and good references from the jobs he’d worked at and he started applying for jobs, I lost count how many he was making every day online and in person. It’s incredibly disappointing when you don’t even get a confirmation of your application. I stepped in to try and help him cast his net a bit further afield.

I soon picked up on a trend and noticed how many vacancies there were in the security business. I was reluctant to suggest he pursue a job as a security guard, not because it’s a bad occupation, but heaven knows it was hard enough trying to get him into a school uniform. I knew for certain he wanted to work with technology – any technology, so I began drip-feeding him with email about CCTV Training.

The last thing he wanted to do was more training, but once I got over that hurdle Mark started to see that there was method in my madness, especially when I suggested me and my husband would fund the tuition. It didn’t take long before he took the bait, apart from being a bit of a techno-nerd (sorry Mark) he loves sport and music too. Finally we’d found something that combined everything he liked. Any parent who has an eighteen year old will appreciate what I mean by that remark; hell hath no fury like a miserable teenager!

He immediately made a direct connection that through CCTV Training there was a chance he’d find himself working either at a football ground or a live music venue. After all the disappointment he’d been through I finally saw a spark. A couple of months later, to be fair after a lot of hard work on his part, he was waving his SIA Licence around like he’d been awarded an OBE. It was an incredible morale boost for him and me too.

Applying for jobs was a breeze, he could now call the shots and decide what he wanted to do and not be dictated to by the need for years of specific experience. I work as a PA so I’m well versed in how agency work is an excellent way to get your feet firmly on the career ladder. He signed up with an approved agency and after a week he did his first, ‘gig’, (AKA job) and he’s been working regularly now for five months and loving every minute.

Compared to when Mark was moping around the place feeling sorry for himself, he’s like a different person. He’s got applications in to work at the Olympic stadium, O2 and Wembley arena; he’s positive and really enjoys his job. If the recent applications don’t come to anything he’s thinking of teaching CCTV trainees. The best thing is he’s applied himself to something and he has a really secure future, one that a lot of his friends are envious of. As adults we all know what it’s like turning that corner, it’s the best bit and the worst bit of growing up.’

Praise doesn’t come much better than Mark’s story and he’s just one of the 12,000 people a year that Get Licensed UK helps towards a rewarding career. Proof that with a little determination and vision it is possible to achieve your goals. Congratulations Mark and good luck for the future from all of us at Get Licensed UK.