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What are dermal fillers and how can they reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

As each and every person gets older, their skin will experience a loss in collagen production and volume, causing skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines. This phenomenon is unavoidable; it is simply a process of time and age. However, scientists have found a way to literally turn back the clock on aging and the appearance of wrinkly skin by developing a procedure with which to not only address the effects of collagen loss, but to also help return the face to a state of youthful fullness and vitality.

If you wanted to fix your sagging skin twenty years ago, your only options would have been to go under the knife and get a facelift. But now, the same results that plastic surgery achieved twenty years ago can be achieved through non-surgical means.

Dermal fillers are non-invasive (non-surgical) procedures with which to address and correct wrinkles and depressions in the skin that have been caused by the effects of time and age. Dermal Fillers San Francisco are basically injectable substances- usually hyaluronic acid or a compound resembling collagen- capable of eliminating a patient’s marionette lines (laugh lines), crow’s feet, and the furrows between their brows as well as plumping up lips that are thinning. Dermal fillers are injected directly into the wrinkles that the patient wants to target. For more information visit:

Dermal fillers get their effectiveness by working underneath the skin to plump the face up- reducing wrinkles and replacing skin elasticity in the process. These dermal fillers are different from plastic surgeries designed to address a patients wrinkles, such as facelifts, in that they neither tighten nor flatten the skin on the face, thereby avoiding the fake, plastic look that most facelifts are known to create.

Some of the most common dermal fillers today, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, have been made either using natural materials or synthetic materials designed to mimic natural materials that have been designed to inherently work with your body’s physiological system, thereby eliminating the risk of allergic reaction and/or animal contagion contamination.

According to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2011, procedures involving dermal fillers using Hyaluronic Acid (Hylaform, Juverderm, Restylane, etc.) were the second most sought-after nonsurgical cosmetic procedures by Americans. This perhaps due to the fact that dermal filler procedures are not only quick and efficient (typical dermal filler treatments only take about twenty minutes to complete), but also able to avoid the recovery period and downtime required after surgical Wrinkle Treatments San Francisco. Because dermal fillers can provide immediate results at a fraction of the cost of surgery, they have been called “liquid facelifts”. click here for more information.

Take years off your face with facial rejuvenation treatments during your lunch hour!

There are many activities that people do during their lunch hour besides just eating lunch: running errands, catching up on episodes of their favorite television show, and exercising, just to name a few. With all that people manage to do during those sixty minutes out of the day, why not use some of that time to better your life by boosting your self-confidence through facial rejuvenation procedures, such as Restylane or Juvederm in San Francisco? For more information visit: . You may be skeptical about being able to fit in a facial rejuvenation procedure during your lunch hour, but thanks to the many wonderful developments within the world of noninvasive cosmetic procedures these days, many patients are finding that it is not only easy to fit in a facial rejuvenation procedure during their lunch hours but that also doing so is incredibly affordable.

Not that long ago, people who wanted to rejuvenation their faces had only one option: the face lift. The face lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that is designed to improve the visual appearance of the face by removing, tightening, and repositioning sagging facial skin and muscles as well as the skin and muscles found on the neck. While this procedure is able to decrease the amount of facial and neck wrinkles as well as take care of sagging facial and neck skin, it is unable to restore the youthful fullness and plumpness to the face, resulting in a rather “unnatural” look of the face, albeit without wrinkles.

Most people who want a facial rejuvenation do not want the drastic, unnatural results given by the face lift nor do they want to undergo and recover from an actual surgical procedure. For these people, non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures are likely their best bet at bringing about the results that they desire.

In a report titled “2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report” given by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was estimated that cosmetic minimally invasive procedures- cosmetic procedures that do not require the use of surgical protocols- increased by 123% between 2000 and 2011, from 5,550,446 procedures performed to 12,249,647 procedures performed.

These statistics support the idea that American people all across the country are realizing just how painless, easy, and affordable cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures are. For example, not only can you get the same pouty lips shown off by celebrities on every magazine cover with a procedure known as the Lip Plumper in San Francisco, but you can get it done during your lunch hour, with virtually no recovery time needed. What time means for you is that the very same day of your facial rejuvenation procedure, you can show off your newly rejuvenated face to friends at dinner without them actually noticing that you have undergone a facial rejuvenation procedure! Click here for more information .

Radiesse fills deep lines in San Francisco

Living in this youth-obsessed society, everyone feels the pressure to maintain their appearance and always look their best. While a healthy diet and exercise regimen will keep our bodies trim and lean, there arefew external factors that can dramatically improve the look and feel of our skin. . Even over-the-counter creams cannot completely fill in and smooth wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the lips. The main culprit is the lack of hyaluronic acid - the fundamental molecular component that supports the dermis and gives skin its strength and elasticity. It also provides lubrication to the joints and our eyes. As we age, our ability to produce collagen decreases, leaving our skin thin, hallow and prone to wrinkles and blemishes..Fortunately, collagen is an easily-constructible protein that can be surgically injected into the skin to restore its plumpness and smoothness.

Dermal fillers in San Francisco have been a very popular cosmetic procedure due to their efficiency and ability to produce natural results. This procedure is distinguishable from other surgeries in that these fillers arecomposed of synthetic hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that already occurs naturally in the body. As opposed to earlier forms of fillers (bovine collagen from cows, silicone, and body fat), hyaluronic dermal fillers in San Franciscoare completely compatible with the human body; restoring a naturally smooth appearance with hardly any allergic reaction. When injected into the skin, the gel formula acts as an inflated cushion to any areas of the face that has lost its volume. It also attracts and binds water to the surface of the skin to keep it looking supple.

One of the more popular brands that patients have requested is Radiesse in San Francisco. After the FDA-approved Radiesse in 2006, this filler has been a safe and effective option for plumping up fine or deep lines and contouring the face. When you first come in for your initial consultation, your surgeon will assess your current skin’s quality, your facial profile, and the specific areas he feels will benefit most from the fillers. This filler is also considered advantageous because it helps with the collagenesis process. This process stimulates the generation of collagen in the skin. No other cosmetic procedures activate a physiological mechanism like Radiesse in San Francisco. The procedure not only yields r an uplifted facial appearance, but your skin’s appearance will continuously improve.. With years of clinical study, this brand of filler has been proven to be the safest on the market and produces the best results for patients.

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How facelift varies when compared traditionally and non-surgically?

Are you currently looking for facial rejuvenation but cannot undergo a traditional facelift surgery? Truth is, not everyone is a good candidate for surgery. When this occurs, individuals who do not qualify to go under knife will need to resort to other methods for facial rejuvenation. Furthermore, some individuals may feel that a facelift is unnecessary in their early 30’s where the visible signs of aging are not as prominent. Fortunately, there are several approaches one can take to reverse the moderatevisible signs of aging. Aside from the potential risk of surgery, nonsurgical facelifts prove to be extremely beneficial because it is effective in erasing wrinkles and fine lines, safer than surgical procedures, and more affordable than a traditional facelift surgery.

1. Effective According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) was the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed in 2011. In addition, there were 2,619,739 Botox procedures carried out in 2011.Botox in San Francisco is an injectable used to erase fine lines and wrinkles to combat the physical signs of aging. According to Statistic Brain, 82 percent of patients see an improvement within a week of treatment. If the signs of aging do not require a facelift, perhaps non-surgical facelifts like Botox may do the trick. To know more about this topic visit:

2. Safety

Botox and other nonsurgical face lift procedures are safer than surgical procedure because the risks are lower. All surgical procedures carry some form of risk no matter the scope of the surgery. Botox injections do not involve a knife and therefore, the chances of surgical complications are zero. In addition, why risk an unnatural “wind-swept” look (common risk found in facelift surgery) that may require a revision facelift along with the additional risk of complications?

3. Affordability

When calculating the costs of Botox and a traditional face-lift surgery, it is most likely that the costs of facelift surgery are far more expensive than the cost for Botox injections. According to Statistic Brain, the average price per Botox treatment was $380. According to the ASAPS, theaverage price for facelift surgery is $6,408. Thus, non-surgical facelifts will not break your bank like a traditional facelift would. If the signs of aging on your face are not too severe yet, it may be wise to save up for the actual facelift surgery in the future when it may be become necessary.

As you can see, non-surgical facelifts offer a wide an array of benefits for those who only experience moderate signs of aging and want to rejuvenate their face without actually undergoing face lift surgery. Non-surgical face-lifts are effective, safe, and affordable.If you are interested in a Non-surgical Face Lift in San Francisco, consult your local licensed and authorized health care professional who is trained and qualified to administer Botox. click here for more information.

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