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Keep Your Home Protected from Moisture Damage with Aluminum Seamless Rain Gutters

Out of all the natural disasters that can destroy a house (earthquake, twister, hurricane, etc.) one that is more subtle but can cause damage over time is simple rainfall. Unlike a single massive catastrophic event, rainwater can slowly erode the structure of your home from the bottom foundation to the upper roof. Moisture is very destructive if rain is collected at the bottom of the house and stays untouched. The water will begin to seep into the basement and other crawl spaces and develop mold or wood fungi growth in the wooden beams which will eventually deteriorate the beams and cause the house framework to collapse. The rooftop is also in potential danger if water and other rotting debris are left there for an extended period of time to form moisture pockets that can cause holes in the rooftop. If you want to keep your house in solid healthy condition, it is wise to install seamless gutters to help channel water away from your house.

Unlike the traditional bulky, square, gray rain gutters that clash with the whole frame of the house, modern aluminum rain gutters are slimmer and much more aesthetically pleasing. Yet they still serve the same function, with an opening at the top to collect the rainwater from the roof transporting it down the gutter and through the downspout where the water is discharged. One of the many complaints of old gutters is their weak construction. Smaller pieces used to be attached together to create one gutter yet could still cause leaks. A seamless gutter is cut from one long piece of aluminum custom fit for your house and makes leakage almost impossible.

Rain gutters can come in many different types of materials such as steel and copper, but aluminum rain gutters have been proven to be the most durable and efficient to date. This type resists rusting and can function properly for around 30 years if well-maintained. Aluminum rain gutters are lightweight and can be easily shaped during the installation process. Another advantage is that these gutters are manufactured in a variety of colors, or you can always paint it an appropriate color that will blend with your home’s exterior. Even more, these gutters can come in a variety of finishes to suit your taste, whether it is the natural shiny aluminum finish, factory-baked enamel, or covered in a thin layer of vinyl. Whichever your taste preference, you can be assured that your house will remain sturdy and intact from the destruction of rain.

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