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How ObGyn Jobs Are Affected By Obamacare: The Doctors' Perspective written by: WashU2004

Surveys show that the American public does not support Obamacare. They believe that Obamacare will lead to an inferior level of care and that doctor practitioner competency will drastically decrease as the state become more and more involved in health care matters. Women are especially concern about the impact of Obamacare on the quality of OB/GYN care that they will receive in the future under this legislation. This concern is reflected by working physicians, and is also seen in gynecologist who can predict the effects of Obamacare on the level of doctor health practitioners who come into this medical specialty. These doctor practitioners predict that ObGyn Jobs will decrease if Obamacare goes into effect. A recent survey In 2012 shows that 60% of doctor practitioners believe that Obamacare will have a negative impact on both patient care and job availability. This recent survey reflects a prior survey, completed in 2010, which also showed that doctor practitioners had a significant lack of confidence in the Obama health care legislation.

The survey was created to specifically highlight the concerns of many physicians on health care reform. This survey was conducted by the doctor practitioners Company which is one of the largest insurers of surgeons and physicians medical liability in the United States. They received in excess of 5000 surveys which spanned all of the medical specialties. The survey revealed a great deal of pessimism on the behalf of positions about the President's trademark piece of legislation. Of significant note, these physicians do not simply believe that Obamacare will not improve health care conditions; they also believe that it will significantly deteriorate care. Because of this legislation, 90% of the physicians surveyed will not recommend a medical career to close family and friends. As such, this legislation is beginning to discourage the creation of new physicians. Additionally, many of the physicians surveyed, a full forty-three percent, stated that they would consider retiring in the next 5 years, especially if this legislation goes into effect. Some of the physicians responded that Obamacare will essentially reshape the way that health care is administered in this, moving from a humanistic health care perspective into one where the patient is a commodity. This is a particular concern for those colleges and those who administer woman's health care. They state that many of the ObGyn jobs for doctor health practitioners will become much more administrative and less sympathetic to the real needs of women.

This is of great significance, as the United States is on the brink of a major physician shortage, especially a shortage of ObGyn jobs. It is predicted that by 2020 United States will require an additional 92,000 doctor health practitioners to be able to sufficiently meet medical command. We are dangerously close to a true crisis for Americans were newly insured and entering the health being care system and also in crisis with respect to the aging population and their special medical needs. Demand far exceeds supply and this trend will only worse. If Obamacare encourages doctor health practitioners to leave the industry, this problem will only become exponentially worse.

Also of particular note is the fact that the survey revealed that physicians are concern that Obamacare will significantly compromise the doctor practitioner-patient relationship. This means that doctor health well being practitioners, especially those in ObGyn Jobs will not be able to build up close, caring relationship that is the sensual toward developing and nurturing optimal health. This may be one of the greatest reasons that doctor well being practitioners are so pessimistic about Obamacare.

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