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[edit] clearing the Damaged or Defective Rain Gutters is the way to go

Damaged or defective rain gutters often go unnoticed and easily ignored from the needs-to-be-fixed list. Although rain gutters are not a very exciting aspect of your home, it is important that it does function properly. In the upcoming winter months, sunny Southern California weather will be replaced with wind and rain. If your rain gutters need to be repaired, it is better to do so now to keep your home dry during those cold winter months. Protecting the main foundation of your home, avoiding soil damage, and home aesthetics and health concerns are several different reasons why damaged rain gutters should be repaired.

1. Protecting the Foundation

To protect the main foundation of your home and avoid stains from your siding, rain gutters should be functioning properly. Water must be diverted and flowing away from your home to prevent these stains. When a home lacks rain gutters or when the rain gutters are not functioning properly, rain can run off your roof and close to your home. In addition, rain gutters also protect water from finding its way inside your home causing destruction to your home. Water that does not flow away in the gutters and leak into your home is the main culprit behind wet basements and crawl spaces.

2. Avoid Soil Damage

Without properly functioning rain gutters, the soil around your home will be damaged from frequent roof drips during those rainy months. To drastically reduce leaking in your home, consider seamless gutters in Los Angeles. Seamless rain gutters lack crevices that would normally be found in other rain gutters can efficiently reduce leaking that occur from heavy rain. Soil damage occurs when rain gutters are not appropriately maintained causing overflow to the soil. Eroded soil can cause leaks into basements and cause a nuisance for homeowners.

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3. Home Aesthetics and Health Concerns

Aside from foundation problems that may arise from damaged rain gutters, defective rain gutters are also no good to any home. Landscape erosion may occur when rain gutters do not function properly. In addition, clogged rain gutters filled with stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Improper gutter drainage can also cause mold and mildew to form causing other health-related concerns. Furthermore, water stains from improper water drainage can also be an aesthetic problem. When proper rain gutters are not installed, rain water splatter and soil can stain the stucco and cause an eyesore.

Rain gutters are an integral part of your home’s weatherproof system that provides an important function to keep your home drainage system damage-free. Protecting the main foundation of your home, avoiding soil damage, and home aesthetics and health concerns are several reasons why it is important to repair damaged or defective rain gutters. Checking your rain gutters at least twice a year and cleaning out the debris can keep the water flowing and prevent future damages. If you are interested in rain gutters repair, contact your local rain gutter specialist or handyman.

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