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[edit] Botox Costs San Francisco – Understanding the Costs

San Francisco is a city that just makes you feel great to be alive in. The more than eight hundred thousand residents get to enjoy a rich history and numerous attractions ranging from sports games, museums, and more. It's also a major tourist draw, ranking thirty fifth in most visited cities in the world. Those wanting to feel their best in the city often want to look their best. Something as simple as Botox can help you look and feel better than ever. But learning more about Botox costs San Francisco is something that many will want to do before they consider using it or Injectable Fillers San Francisco.

In nearly all instances, Botox costs San Francisco are based upon the unit amount used. Common costs are around ten to fifteen dollars per unit. The exact number of units that are needed for a successful treatment will vary depending upon the area the injections are being used on. In most cases ten to thirty units will be used per treatment area. The average costs for the procedure normally range between three hundred and five hundred dollars. This is often cheaper than the price of injectable fillers San Francisco, which normally cost between five and nine hundred dollars per treatment.

Understanding the differences between Botox Costs San Francisco and injectable fillers San Francisco starts by understanding that while they both help combat wrinkles and stress lines, they're not quite the same thing. Botox is a type of toxin that is injected which helps to break down the causes of wrinkles. Fillers, on the other hand, actually help to plump and smooth out the skin by stretching it in order to remove the wrinkles. Both are effective and your doctor will be able to explain to you just which ones are the right ones for you to use.

One final thing to understand about Botox costs San Francisco is the fact that unlike plastic surgery, this cosmetic procedure is not permanent. Results will last for four to eight months on average, at which point new injections will be needed in order to remove the wrinkles again. Injectable fillers San Francisco are similar, and after a period of time you'll need to receive the treatment again in order to get the results you want. Whichever one you choose to have done, understanding the basic costs, the risks, and the duration of effects will be important for your satisfaction. For more information click here.

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